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Top Challenges of Owning a Rural Home

If you’re ready to buy your first home and want to get far away from the city, you’re in good company. Many people love the serenity that country living offers. However, it presents some obstacles, too. Here are four challenges to be aware of when you have your heart set on a rural home.

Septic System

When you live out in the country, instead of relying on city septic systems, you have your own tank underground. This entails due diligence on your part, and there are times you’ll require a septic tank excavation Cortlandt Manor NY to either empty the tank, or install a new one. Know the status of the tank when you buy and be on a schedule for maintenance.

Hard Water

Besides septic systems, you’ll also rely on well water. While this can be some of the freshest water available, many people have to deal with hard water. Hard water contains mineral deposits that can stain surfaces and be rough on your hair and skin. You’ll need to maintain your water condition with a water softener system.

Trees and Moisture

Another reason so many people love living rurally is the abundance of nature. Being surrounded by trees is comforting, but be aware of potential damage. Falling trees are one hazard, but there’s also the danger of mold and mildew by having trees too close to your home. Make sure the area around your house can be well-ventilated.

Snow Removal

Living out in the country makes for beautiful summers, but that doesn’t mean winter won’t rear its ugly head. Be ready for the added work and expense involving snow removal and plowing. It can really add up if there’s a bad winter.

Extra Chores

Country living can be a sweet life, but before you commit, understand the extra chores you’ll be saddled with that you might not have considered. Once you tackle them, the fresh air and sunshine will more than make up for them.