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Toilet Buying Guide: 8 Tips to Ensure You Get the Right Fit

Choosing the right toilet that suits you used to be a simple task. In today’s bathroom market, you need to choose between different types of toilets. With each option comes pros and cons, and every toilet type depends on your specific needs.  No matter how you look at it, the bathroom toilet is one of the essential items in a home. Color and cost do matter; how much water used plus how well it flushes is an important aspect.

The following tips will make your toilet buying task easier.

With new generation toilets, they tend to preserve water. Technology is improving the living standards, and modern toilet types are designed with efficiency and experience in mind. The starting point of your toilet buying guide is considering the requirements of a high-performance bathroom. The toilet must be long-lasting, inexpensive to maintain, and operate, as well as safe.

Are you familiar with the trends in the market?

A proper toilet must address comfort, health, hygiene, and privacy. With the latest technology, you will find bathrooms that incorporate sustainable features. Some of the features include clog-free mechanisms, low flush and innovative materials. New toilet designs are incorporating smart concepts such as self-cleaning and smart lightning. For users who don’t need revolutionary changes, ensure your toilet uses hands-free flushing.

Choose your bowl type wisely

Latrine bowls come in two shapes, round and stretched. Prolonged toilet dishes are two or three inches in the front than the round toilet dishes. Round toilet dishes never go beyond 28 inches, while extended toilet dishes can reach 31 inches. Extended toilet dishes occupy more room and are ideal for older adults and those with any physical hindrances. The extended toilet dish also holds less dirt and keeps down smells better than prolonged toilet dishes.

Consider future repair costs

Custom made seats, as well as new generation seats, come with unusual flush mechanisms. Although this may be a cool factor, they cost money and time. When they need replacing, frustration sets in. A replacement of a custom toilet seat may cost up to $200. It would help if you went for organizations that offer refunds on toilets and other pipe installations. Make sure to get full information regarding any returns.

Decide on the height

Standard toilet seats are 15 inches, and the height is relatively comfortable. Users can also choose seats with 17 inches, which are best suited for the elderly and physically impaired. Seventeen inches is the height that has been marked acceptable by the American Disabilities Act for public toilets. These seats are mostly marketed as comfort height and are a favorite among most households. Make sure the height suits everyone who uses this toilet seat.

Dual flush toilet

Toilets are responsible for 30{ba4c4cded8f6d9bcc05463f0792a623fd9791a541292da6c65ec6bd6a8e95fdc} of the water used in most households. Some people have faced problems with water-conserving toilets. Choosing a toilet that saves water does not necessarily mean having an efficient bathroom. The Department of Energy has reduced toilet water capacity to 1.6 gallons. 1.6 gallons is more than enough to clean the bowl. Having a dual-type toilet gives users a choice in the amount of water to be used. These types of toilets are more expensive than single-flush models.

Get pressure-assist toilets

Toilets with pressure assist are more water-efficient than their gravity toilet counterparts. Pressure assist toilets come with a separate tank that holds water under pressure. The water is released with high velocity making the water clean the bowl thoroughly. These pressure-assist toilets are pricier and come with a lot more noise than their gravity counterparts. With pressure-assist toilets, finding parts when it comes to repairs is a daunting task.

Measure for fit

Before you go out and purchase a new toilet, ensure you know the measurements. With the right measurements, it will be easier to find the right model that fits your bathroom. The distance from the toilet flange to the wall is referred to as rough-in measurement. Makes sure the store provides a way to compare. Once you independently compare how a toilet flushes, you can go ahead and purchase it. The distance between the flange bolts and the wall should be 12 inches.

Style of bathroom

What style of the bathroom are you going for, modern or traditional? Knowing the type of bathroom style you want helps you enhance the toilet design. For an authentic classic look, go for high-level toilets. The available space is another crucial aspect to look out for. For people with small bathrooms, there are a lot of toilets to choose from. Do you plan to keep the toilet in the usual space? For a new position, extra plumbing work is necessary.

Toilet efficiency ratings

Make sure you test how well a toilet flushes before purchasing it. Consider flush ratings from different manufacturers before making your final decision. If water saving is a priority, ensure you have a toilet with the WaterSense label on it. Make sure you check the effectiveness and efficiency of waste flushing. The higher the flush ratings are, the better the performance. Some of the top-ranked toilets include Cadet 3 FloWise, Cimarron, and Glacier Bay.

Wall hung toilet

With one-piece toilets, it makes it easier to clean. The problem with wall-hung toilets is that they are expensive and hard to install. If you want easy cleaning for your toilet, consider having a wall hung mounted toilet. Wall hung toilets are ideal for small bathrooms and come with an adjustable height. The remodeler can customize your toilet seat to fit the needs of the household members. Wall hung toilets bring a modern and sleek look to any bathroom.

Types of toilets

Back to wall toilet – This toilet is designed against the wall with cistern and paperwork well hidden.

Close-coupled toilet – This is one of the most prevalent toilet types. The cistern is always attached directly to the pan.

Corner toilet – They have a triangular-shaped cistern

Water-Saving Toilet – This toilet offers an eco-friendly option as it has a dual flush system.

Reduced projection toilet – This type of seat has a shorter depth than standard toilet seats.

With the above tips in mind, choosing the right toilet gets easier.

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