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This Sign Notifies You It’s Time to Change the Roof

Regular roof checking ensures that the roof can last as long as possible, but as you age, roof replacement is inevitable, that’s why you need the services of Southern Cross Roofing. Asphalt shingles have a lifetime of 20 to 30 years. Meanwhile, metal roofs have an age of 40-50 years. Roof tiles and slate can last for 100 years. To find out if it’s time to replace the roof, you should learn about some of the signs that you might know when it’s time to replace the roof with a new one.


If you find signs of leakage on the ceiling, it shows that the roof has begun to leak. When cracks and cracks develop in the area around the lamp there is a high likelihood of leakage and a valley that directs rainwater to the part most vulnerable to leakage. Repairing one or two leaky points can work well, but if there are too many leaks, the repair won’t help, and you have to replace the roof.

Light enters through the roof board

Look in the attic during the day to see if there is any light passing through the roof and if that happens; the sign is clear that the roof cannot be repaired. Start the roof replacement procedure immediately before the problem gets worse.

Missing Shingles

Normally, one or two shingles might disappear after heavy rains and storms even though the roof can withstand heavy winds and storms. However, if the incident recurs, it is a sign of the weakening of the roof, and you should think about replacing the roof.

Curled or curly shingles

Continuous exposure to heavy sunlight can cause shingles to curl or contract, especially roof slopes that tend to be most affected. On slopes, if you find that parts of shingles tend to bend or bend, then this indicates that this is the end of life for your roof and you should arrange for immediate replacement. Even if you find cracks of shingles falling apart on the roof, roof replacement is the only solution.

Those are some signs that you might know when it’s time to replace the roof with a new one. For those of you who have a leaky roof and want to fix it, then you can use the services of Southern Cross Roofing. Southern Cross Roofing is a roof repair company ready to serve you to renovate your roof, Southern Cross Roofing has been trusted for more than 20 years in Sydney.