IVF Fertility treatment

In every family with fertility problems there comes a time when they are thinking about IVF technology. The best method of medical treatment that will help you to overcome infertility and reach the main goal – being parents. 

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a fertilization outside the body which is carried out under laboratory conditions. It is a modern and highly effective technology that helps overcome infertility. Together with ADONIS Fertility clinics, it will be the most pleasant and safe process for your family!

To provide clarity, there are the most common reasons to use ADONIS IVF treatment: 

  • The absence of fallopian tubes or it’s blockage for women 
  • Endometriosis 
  • Infertility of endocrine etiology in case of ineffective treatment within 2 years
  • Male infertility resulting from reduced motility or small quantity of sperm in ejaculate

In most cases, IVF Fertility treatment is recommended after failed traditional treatment and years of unsuccessful efforts to get pregnant naturally. 

Please, pay your attention, that every case is individual. The accurate diagnosis and treatment plan must be assigned during the personal consultation with ADONIS fertility specialists.  

It’s worth noting, that before trying to get pregnant with IVF, the couple (woman and men individually) must undergo the full health examination to reduce the probability of complications. 

ADONIS own laboratory provides the full range of necessary tests in a complex with IVF treatment together with preimplantation genetic diagnostics to exclude: 

  • Family genetic deviations 
  • Chronic illnesses availability 
  • Individual specific features of a parent’s organism 
  • Future child genetic defects 
  • Future child health hazards

The healthy parents produce the healthy child, that’s why the necessity of special diagnostics before IVF Fertility is of the highest importance. The best professionals in ADONIS clinics will make everything in a perfect way. Certificated equipment from Europe and USA in ADONIS own embryo laboratory is of the latest technologies and ensures the most accurate results. 

ADONIS Fertility varieties of options 

ADONIS Fertility IVF programs for every individual need of patients vary significantly. More than 9 different packages to ensure the best medical care of infertility treatment – IVF with ICSI, IVF + ICSI with Egg/Sperm Donation, Cryopreservation in ADONIS own cryobank, etc.  

We in ADONIS promote the family health importance, that’s why the whole conditions are created in compliance with hygiene standards and the highest medical level.

ADONIS Fertility Programs effectiveness 

The best illustration of ADONIS work is positive reviews from our patients and their happy lives with newborn babies. We always accept the detailed feedback to make your staying in ADONIS the most comfortable, pleasant and effective. 

The total numbers of conducted IVF cycles is amazing together with a high pregnancy rate. The whole information about numbers and facts you can find on our website. We believe that it will encourage you to experience the effectiveness of ADONIS programs on your own. 

ADONIS Fertility clinics are the unforgettable service for your unforgettable memories. We are waiting for you!