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Essentials of homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance/home insurance, is a type of insurance that offers financial protection to your house or its contents in the event of theft or damage. It also offers protection if an insured person or their kin are held accountable when other people get injured or their possessions get damaged while on the insured person’s property. Homeowners insurance is purchased for two main reasons; to protect a homeowner from legal responsibility or liability for other person’s injury or their belongings while they are on their property as well as to offer protection to assets like building structure and items in it; and as a way to meet the requirement of mortgage lenders, who typically require homeowners to have insurance covers on their property as a way of protecting their investment. When buying an insurance cover for your home, the insurance company you go for is critical. By using online review sites such as to read reviews about home insurance, this will help you choose reputable companies you can buy homeowners insurance from. This article covers some essential information about homeowners insurance that you need to know.

 What is the average homeowners insurance cost?

 Depending on several factors such as where your home is located, the material it’s made of, its location, and the contents inside it, among others. Home insurance can cost from as low as €50 annually to about €600 or €700 annually.

Which is the best homeowner’s insurance policy?

There are various home insurance policies available, and depending on your home’s needs and contents, you will choose the home insurance policy that suits your needs. Below are some of the homeowner’s insurance policies available.

Content insurance

Content insurance offers coverage for items in your house, including furniture and other belongings. With the contents of your home covered by this policy, you will be able to have peace of mind with the knowledge that in case of a disaster strikes, you’ll not be required to go to your pocket to cover for replacements costs. It is important to check your content insurance policy and ensure that it extends to cover theft and loss of items outside your home and unintended damages to other expensive items, including phones.

Building insurance

This homeowner’s insurance policy will cover a home’s brick and mortar structure against damages from unpredictable circumstances such as flooding and fires. A majority of mortgage providers will, as a requirement, need that you have building insurance before lending to you. This is because the loan is an investment they are making to your property, and if the property isn’t insured and an unexpected event damages your home, they could lose their investments. Even when you purchase your home outright, without a mortgage, building insurance is still important.  Without it, you could face huge repair bills upfront if your home unexpectedly got damages. However, with building insurance, you’ll just be required to make a claim, and your insurance will cover such bills.

Tenants insurance

This is the policy to go for if you live in a rental home. If floods, fire or any another disaster were to strike your home, it will be the responsibility of your landlord to repair the damages sustained to your properties structure, including fittings and fixture in the bathroom or kitchen. The tenant’s insurance will help you claim compensation for the losses you’ve incurred on your belongings, such as clothes, furniture, and covered electronic items. This will save you from otherwise expensive upfront costs.

 Building and contents insurance

It is possible to get these two covers combined into one rather than getting each individually. On its own, building insurance suits landlords, while the separate content insurance is ideal for tenants. Homeowners are responsible for their belongings and property, making the combined building and contents insurance necessary to homeowners. With the joint policy, you’ll tend to have a better deal as it is cheaper than when you go for the separate policies. Always read the policies carefully and compare them to know on which you’ll get the best deal.

Flooding cover

This cover will compensate you if flooding causes damage to your home and its structures. Read your flood cover carefully to ensure it sufficiently covers the cost of replacing the belongings that can be affected by water damage.

In conclusion, newbies can particularly find it hard on how to go about insuring their home. This article makes the process easier for them. It covers essential policies of homeowner’s insurance enabling one to have a better understanding of homeowners insurance.