5 Tips to Use a High-Pressure Cleaner to Last Long

Do you often have trouble cleaning your vehicle like a car or motorcycle? Sometimes mud and oil that settles for a long time become difficult to clean using a spray from a regular water hose. For that, you need a High-Pressure Cleaner to knock out various impurities that are attached to the motor body and your car. Tips for Using a High-Pressure Cleaner is not difficult. But if you want to know a high-pressure cleaner expert, you can hire a pressure washing san Antonio service.

High-Pressure Cleaner is a high-pressure mechanical spraying tool. Actually, this High-Pressure Cleaner can be used to remove dirt anywhere such as on floors, concrete surfaces, paving blocks, even though carpets.

High-Pressure Cleaner for cleaning cars and motorcycles

To use High-Pressure Cleaner on cars and motorcycles, the pressure must be considered. We recommend that you do not use a High-Pressure Cleaner with too much pressure because the water pressure that is too large can actually damage the paint surface. You must pay attention to the pressure on the High-Pressure Cleaner before using it. If the pressure is too large, you can take a distance when spraying water on a car or motorcycle and set the gun nozzle in the spray spread position.

High-Pressure Cleaner for cleaning carpets

If you want to use a High-Pressure Cleaner to clean the carpet, hang the carpet and start spraying evenly. Set a nozzle gun in a single spray position on stains that are difficult to clean.

5 tips for using a High-Pressure Cleaner to make it more durable

  1. Make sure the electrical pressure is stable

High-Pressure Cleaner generally uses a large amount of electrical power. Therefore, ensure that the electricity pressure in your home is sufficient and stable so that the electrical system in a High-Pressure Cleaner last longer and does not break quickly.

  • Make sure the water supply is met

Unstable water supply can damage the engine because the engine in the High-Pressure Cleaner will continue to work even if the button is not pressed so that when the water supply is not met, it will damage the engine.

  • Use clean water

The use of clean water for a High-Pressure Cleaner is a must because the dirt that enters with water will damage the filter. Especially if the filter is rarely cleaned, various impurities such as moss, sand or soil carried by water can damage the filter.

  • Dispose of air and water pressure after using it

The system used in High-Pressure Cleaner is the addition of air pressure when spraying water through a gun nozzle. Therefore, after using it, do not forget to remove the air and water pressure on the tube or gun nozzle. Because if it is not removed, there will be continuous air pressure and eventually it will damage the seal on the gun nozzle or the engine.

  • Describe the hose during use

Tips for using the last High-Pressure Cleaner: Don’t forget to break down the hose when used. Because the hose contains high-pressure air, then breaking down and making sure the hose is in the right position reduces the possibility of turning air pressure into the engine or the possibility of hose rupture due to too high pressure.