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3 Tips For A More Scandanavian Home Design

One big trend in current home design is to go with a more Scandinavian theme or style. For many people, this type of clean home design allows for natural beauty of the home to shine through and keeps things fresh and clean. However, actually achieving this can often be harder than you might think.

So to help you get the Scandinavian home design look that you’ve been wanting, here are three tips to make your home design more Scandanavian.  

Keep Colors Cool

To start off, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using the right colors for a more Scandinavian look. 

According to Stacey Sheppard, a contributor to Freshome.com, most traditionally Scanadanvian homes will have cooler colors rather than warmer, brighter tones. In addition to a lot of while, you can also choose colors like cool blues or grays. Generally, the walls will be kept neutral white colors with other pops of cooler colors scattered throughout in your textiles, accents, and other decor items. 

The point of going with these cooler colors is to help your home look fresh and clean, which can easily be done with cooler colors like white, gray, and blues. 

Think Minimal With Window Treatments

Another aspect of Scandanavian home design is simplicity. While there can be areas of your home where you make things a little more elaborate, one area where you should really try to keep things minimalistic is with your window treatments.

The editors of Elle Decor share that natural light is something that many Scandanavian home designers love to bring into a space. And in order to do this, you have to keep window treatments light and airy so the sun can shine through. So when choosing how to dress your windows, opt for minimal use of textiles and fabrics that are natural, simple, and can easily get out of the way to let the light in. 

Bring In Natural Beauty

Nature plays a big role in the Scandanavian home design. So if you’re wanting to embrace this type of style in your home, you’ll also need to learn how to embrace the outdoors and the natural beauty that can be found there.

According to Danielle Blundell, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, a lot of Scandanavian home design will use natural elements in their furniture and decor, like untreated wood or stone. By using these materials, you allow the beauty of the wood or stone to speak for itself without treating it with anything artificial in order to cast it in a different light. 

If you love the look of Scandanavian home design but aren’t sure how to bring this look into your own space, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find small and simple ways to turn your space into your Scandanavian dream home.