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3 Household Safety Hazards To Look Out For

As a parent, one of the most important things you can do is create a safe home environment for your kids. Your children’s safety should be a top priority for you, no matter what. However, despite how much parents may have their children’s best interests at heart, they may not be aware of the realities of how many dangers are lurking throughout the house. 

It’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the most common household safety hazards and learn how to protect your children from them. 

Take a look at some of the most important hazards that you should look out for. 


Many parents have firearms in their households for either hobbies or protection against criminals. It goes without saying that children should be kept far away from any firearms. In order to avoid accidents, any firearm should be safely stored away using proper equipment. Children should not be within arms reach of your firearm storage solutions, and they should have code only access. 

Even though you may think that hiding your firearm is a solution, the truth is that it’s not secure enough. It’s worth the peace of mind knowing that your firearm is stored away using top security methods. 


If there’s one thing that children are good at, it’s falling. Unfortunately, falling is one of the most dangerous household hazards. There are all sorts of ways that children can fall in the home. Whether it’s a slick floor surface or a dangerous set of stairs, children should be kept away from anything that could result in a fall. 

Although accidents can happen from time to time, you can seriously reduce the likelihood of eliminating any hazards that could result in a fall. Your children should learn to pick up after themselves since people could trip and fall over objects left on the floor. They should also be aware of the space around them. Encourage them to always look out for anything that could cause them to trip. 


Believe it or not, there are millions of incidents reported to poison control centers throughout the country every year. Even though it may seem obvious to adults not to ingest certain household products or chemicals, it’s not always so obvious to kids. 

Small children are curious and don’t realize the dangerous substances that can be found inside household products. It’s important that you hide any cleaning products or sprays far from the reach of children. 

Medication is also something that should be carefully stored away without children being able to get to it. One of the best ways to keep children away from medicine cabinets and cleaning product cabinets is to use locks. A simple safety lock is easily purchased online and can save your child from a potentially deadly accident.