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Water Purifier utilities you should know

Air conditions in today’s environment can be said to be no longer clear, especially in urban areas with higher air pollution level. This is certainly a bad impact on human health, especially parts of the respiratory system. Therefore, to restore better air quality, you can do so by planting many plants in the home yard and reducing the use of transportation and other things that can defame the air.

Not only that, you also need an air purifier in the house, such as Air purifier to make the result more maximal. The main function of the air purifier is to keep the air quality indoors. However, there are still some other functions of the air purifier that you may not have known. Therefore, in this article, Kania will discuss five other water purifier functions. Let’s see the explanation below!

1. Catch Dangerous Smoke

asap terdeteksi alarm

Smoke coming from the burning of garbage or people who smoke is very risky for the health of the lungs, especially in young children and the elderly. Do not underestimate that if it continues to be allowed, it can be fatal, such as the disease of bronchitis, asthma, and dementia.

Well, to overcome this, you can use the air purifier in the dwelling that is able to capture harmful smoke. The ability of water purifier is assisted BY FILTER HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate air) which can eliminate the smallest smoke particles up to 0.3 micron size. Not only that, there is also activated carbon in the air purifier that is able to absorb smoke through its porous surface.

2. Reducing asthma and allergic diseases

seorang wanita mengalami asma

Do you know that the actual source of asthma and allergies is very close to you? Yes, asthma and allergies can be trigger by dust and small particle in the air produce by household furniture, such as cleaning tools, wall paints, perfumes, dolls, fluffy carpet, and furniture that is rarely clean.

Just like the previous air purifier function, in this case, the air purifier also works by filtering small particles in the air through the filter HEPA earlier. By using the Air purifier at home, you and your family can also avoid the two diseases.

3. Obliterate viruses and bacteria in the air

virus dan bakteri difilter oleh air purifier

Not only small particles, air purifier also serves to remove viruses and bacteria that are invisible to the air. The effectiveness of air purifier in eliminating the viruses and bacteria has been tested by Retroscreen virology, United Kingdom. After that, they calculated a decrease in the amount of viral activity in the container using the air purifier . The results of the test indicate a drastic decline of the number of viruses. Well, with this air purifier function, you can have a more healthy and comfortable home to be inhabited.

4. Preventing Mushroom from coming

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Almost every dwelling must have come to the coming of mushrooms, either in the wall or the bathroom door. Usually, this is due to the condition of a damp house. Not to be denied, the presence of mushrooms is quite disturbing and make the dwelling so unhealthy and impressed dirty.

However, don’t worry because you can handle it using the air purifier.

5. Eliminate unpleasant odor

air purifier dekat wanita sedang bekerja

Does your house often appear unpleasant odor? Whether it’s from trash, kitchen, or pet. If so, you can also use the air purifier To remove the smell, you know!