Shower Trays: A Buying Guide When you’re in the process of buying a new shower tray, keep in mind that one of the things you need to take care of first is talking to your installer about the product you’re planning to get. You don’t want to end up buying the wrong shower tray and waste your hard earned money for a product that won’t actually fit. Once you’re done with it, it’s time to start shopping and you must begin with picking what material you want. The good news is that there are several shower tray materials you can choose from. But if you’re someone who doesn’t really like to exert a lot of effort in doing research, then your best bet are the two most common – acrylic and resin stone. Resin stone-made shower trays are renowned for their durability, thanks to the combination of crushed stone and resin-based glue as the two primary ingredients. Once the mixture is produced, it will be poured in a mold and applied with another special gel coating so that it will have a smooth surface and appearance.
Questions About Bathrooms You Must Know the Answers To
On the other hand, shower trays made up of acrylic are once thought to be the inferior ones because they were made as flimsy products back in the days. But with the help of stricter regulations and better technology, even acrylic shower trays today are durable and expected to last long.
Questions About Bathrooms You Must Know the Answers To
Once you’re over with the material type, it’s time to choose the exact size. Just like the material construction of shower trays, they also come in a wide variety of sizes and if you really want to keep your options open, you therefore must go to a store where there’s a wide range of options in terms of size for you. Size wise, standard shower trays measure at 760mm x 760mm, while you also can choose bigger ones with dimensions like 1700mm x 760mm. You can also choose variants based on their shapes such as trays that are pentangle, quadrant, or offset quadrant. Be reminded as well that also will have to put serious consideration on the available size of the room where the shower tray will be placed. Lastly, you need to factor in the manufacturer of the shower tray you wish to purchase. You need to realize that because of the sheer number of manufacturers and brands of shower trays selling their stuff online, you just can’t assume every single product out there is made with high quality in mind. If you want to make sure you get the best ones, choose among the most popular brands such as JT, Coram, and Mira shower trays. It is best that you do your homework in figuring out which brands are renowned so that you won’t end up wasting your money.