Evangelical Christians: A Quick Guide

To comprehend who an evangelical Christian is will require studying the etymology of the two terms. The first word to be split is Christian which simply means one who subscribes to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Immediately following the death of Jesus Christ, people then started referring to those believed in his teachings as Christians.

Secondly, comes the term Evangelical. The Greek used the term first and meant good news. In its entirety, Evangelism constitutes sharing of good news regarded as salvation. It is only be adhering to the teachings of Jesus that you share in the good news.

This means that an evangelical Christian is an individual committed to spreading the good news as desired and referring to Jesus Christ. A person who believes in the gospel of the Jesus Christ fits the definition of an evangelical Christian. Qualities of an evangelical Christian include believing in Jesus and spreading his clarion call.
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Basically, all Christians are evangelical. Real operations on the ground remain different to such assertions. Evangelism is not only popular in the US but in the whole world as well. In the US, its growth is not only in numbers but the effect it has in cultural and political life.
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The Bible especially the New Testament defines who an evangelist is and highlights the role assigned to him or her. Seemingly, an evangelical Christian avers and affirms that there is no better news than that of Jesus Christ. Of all the calls, spreading the word of Jesus Christ represents the highest of them.

Believing in the principles stated in the Bible leads to particular global views that turn political. On the contrary, nothing regarding evangelical stance calls for leaning political (human) views. Put together as spreading the good news involved in salvation defines evangelism. The word of Jesus Christ has the strength to overcome all political dimensions hence; Evangelical Christians have nothing to fear. Entailed in the duties is spreading the word of God without getting exhausted.

Evangelical Christians should remain strong even if it means they take particular political actions. There is caution to such an assertion. At all costs, evangelical Christians should abandon their course for material benefits. The highest of them all defined as advancing the cause of Jesus Christ.

Evangelical Christians are freed from sin and become new prisoners of Jesus Christ. They get sanctification as a reward. Eternal life is the ultimate prize. To them the alternative is the worst.

Death is the reward for sinners. However, Evangelical Christians believe they were made by God and until they internalize the said fact, they will never see sense in life. It is important to mention that the world over, evangelism remains a big movement. In the US, its growth is not only in numbers but the effect it has in cultural and political life.