Signs Your Well Pump Needs To Be Repaired

When you have a family to take care of, running water is important. Water is used on a daily basis for things like bathing, washing clothes, cleaning dishes and drinking. If you find your water stops flowing from the faucets, it could be a potential problem that needs to be fixed right away. Most well pumps will give signs they are about to need repairs. If you notice any of the following signs below, call a reputable well pump repair company such as the one found at for help.

Decrease In Water Pressure
One of the first signs your well pump is not working properly is a decrease in water pressure. This issue is commonly caused by your pump and not the well itself. If there is a hole in the tank, the pressure will be released through it instead of the pipes. When your water is not coming out of the faucets and pipes with the same force it used to, call a pump repair company for maintenance.
Air Spitting
When you turn on your faucets, only water should come out. If you notice air spitting out of your pipes when you first turn on the water, this indicates an issue. A potential cause of air in the pipes is a leak somewhere between your home and well pump. Your pipes may need to be replaced in order to fix this problem. For minor leaks, the hole may be able to be repaired.
Dirty Water Quality
The water coming from your pipes should always be clean and clear of debris and dirt. There are many causes of dirty water. Your pump may be too large for the size of your well. Another reason could be your well is dug too far down and is bringing in dirt and sand instead.
No matter what issues you are noticing with your well pump or water supply, it is important to get any issues fixed sooner rather than later. Small problems left unfixed could potentially turn into huge, expensive issues in time.

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