Tips For Proper Pet Transportation

When trying to transport pets outside of your state or country, there are some regulations and laws that should be followed. It’s possible for people to take their pets during holiday vacation anywhere they want in this modern day and age. What’s quite saddening to hear is, it isn’t as simple as going to airport and passing through customs and jet off. The truth is, there are laws that govern pet transportation which should be met and followed.

I am going to provide you with some things that you need to make before starting to book your holiday with the intention of bringing your cats, dogs or whatever pet you might have to a far away destination. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Number 1. Rabies vaccination – there is no argument to the fact that rabies is a terrifying disease and it could be devastating to any country. Many people as a result are conscious of such. Well, ensuring that your pet receives vaccination will be important to save yourself from complaints of bringing them in your trip.
Doing Transports The Right Way

Number 2. Micro-chipping – before boarding your pet, they should be micro-chipped. Again, this is something that your veterinarian can do.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Transports

Number 3. Blood sampling – it is essential to have all the necessary blood samples done. The blood tests are carried out in order to be sure that rabies vaccine is enough to provide protection to your pet and to other people. Preferably, the vaccines has to be equal to more than .5IU/ml. As a proof of this, be sure that your veterinarian gives you a documentation of such.

All these boxes must be ticked prior the pet transportation agency brings your pet back or before you have your dog leaves the country. There are a lot of government as well as non government organizations that you can contact on, which can be a big help in giving you useful info on how to move your pets to and from your native place.

The best and at the same time, safest thing you can do is to ensure that you have all vaccinations done and documentation required before you decide to leave the country because this makes the transition a lot easier for you and for your beloved pet. Many animal courier companies have all details you need before travelling and if you haven’t made prior arrangements, then oftentimes they could get all the boosters and documentation sorted out for you.

Try not to violate the laws implemented by your country when it comes to pet transportation as failing to comply to the rules may put your pet into quarantine of at least 6 months.