Searching for a Good Roofing Contractor

Finding a quality roofing contractor is much harder nowadays. The selection is almost unending and even expands year after year. But of course, with the Internet, it becomes way easier to search for potential roofers and be more informed about them simply by reading their profiles and client testimonies.

Still, whether you got your prospects online or through a friend or relative’s referral, your job doesn’t end there. You have to go deeper by researching a little more.

The following are key points for you to consider as you make a choice:

Business Name and Physical Location
First and foremost, you need to check if your prospective roofer has a registered business name and physical address. Never settle for anyone other than an established contractor, and an established contractor will always have these two.


Another crucial consideration you should make is whether or not the contractor is insured. If they claim to be insured, ask for a copy of their insurance certificate as evidence. Liability coverage provides protection to both sides. The insurer will shoulder the cost of whatever injuries or damages occur in relation to the project, sparing you and the contractor.

License & Credentials

Licensing and credentials are another essential consideration for any person looking to hire a roofer. Never assume anything. Even if a contractor looks reputable or established, you’ll never know. If they say have a license, demand proof.

Industry Experience

Certainly, you have to know how experienced a contractor is before you decide to hire him. Remember, experience breeds expertise. Longevity is proof of their knowledge and skills in the industry.

Client References

Asking for client references is another important thing you need to do before hiring a contractor. But of course, you can’t simply rely on verbal praises. You have to actually look at the quality of the work the contractor has done in the past. Fortunately, most people are willing to show off their roofs, as long as you make a good self-introduction. After checking at least three or four past projects, you should be able to make a valid conclusion about your potential roofer.


Lastly, look into the contractor’s workmanship warranty. Of course, there should be a separate warranty on the roof itself, or the parts used for repair. Both warranties are essential to the complete success of your project.

To find the best roofer in your area, have two or three prospects at least, give them exactly the same project specifications, and request for a written quote from each one. This lets you make valid comparisons, leading you to the smartest option you have.