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How to Take Better Care of Your Septic Tank

If you own a septic system, you know that one of the main perks about using one of these systems is that you don’t have to do a ton of maintenance on it. But it’s in your best interests to take good care of your septic tank, so you don’t run into an issue with wastewater or flooding in the future.

Don’t Flush Random Items

Whatever you do, don’t treat your septic tank Orlando like a garbage can. Refrain from flushing anything down your toilet but toilet paper. Make sure you watch for anything going down into your drains that shouldn’t be there and take care of plumbing clogs as soon as possible.

Space Out Water Usage

Be mindful about how much water you use at any one time in your household. For example, don’t do seven loads of laundry in a row. And if you have a larger family, it’s not a good idea to let everyone shower one after another. Your septic tank needs time to process all of the wastewater coming from your household. If you push too much water through your septic system too quickly, you could overload your septic tank.

Pump the Tank Regularly

Every time you use your home’s wastewater system, solid waste settles at the bottom of your septic tank. Unlike the effluent that goes through your system, this waste will not go anywhere unless it’s manually removed. Make sure you’re pumping your septic tank frequently to ensure that there is always plenty of room for incoming wastewater.

Taking care of your septic tank is well worth the time and effort it takes, especially when it comes time to pump out your tank. If you are new to septic system ownership, it may take some time to get used to, but it is relatively easy to use one of these systems in your home.