How to fix a damaged carpet

Do you have a stain, hole or other area of damage to your carpet? Did you know that you can repair damage to carpet quickly and easily with the right technique? No? Well, read on…

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To repair your carpet, you need the remnants from when it was originally fitted. These are the pieces that the fitter trimmed away to make the carpet fit the size and shape of your room perfectly. If you have remnants, then you can usually repair problems. If not, then you will either have to live with the damage or replace your flooring. You might consider something hard-wearing like laminate flooring.
Measure twice, cut once
Find something that is bigger than the area you need to repair. Place it on the nap side (the surface) and draw around it, then cut it out. Put a piece of tape on this piece to show which direction the nap is going. Do the same on the carpet on the floor.
Cut out your damaged area
Draw around the same object as you used for the remnant and then cut out the damaged piece of carpet.

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Tape it up
Get some carpet tape, use this to fill the hole left by the piece you cut out. Make sure the tape is about 10cm wider than the hole, so the remnant won’t come loose and slide out. Line the remnant up and pop it in.
Levelling it up
Unless your carpet is very new, then the remnant will be fuller than the carpet surrounding it. In order to make the repair invisible, you’ll need to press the remnant down very firmly, especially around the edges. Make circular motions with your hands to mix the fibres from the remnant into the pieces surrounding it, to disguise the new edge.
Give it a haircut
Once the new piece is firmly stuck down, take a pair of scissors and lay them flat on the surface of the carpet, trim the fibres until all is level. Then place a heavy piece of furniture or stack of books on top and leave for a couple of days.
But if all that sounds like too much trouble, you might want to browse the range of laminates available at retailers like
We hope these tips help you make a seamless carpet repair.

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