How To Choose a Contractor for Your Foundation

The foundation of your home needs to be built well enough that it can withstand many of the stresses the structure will face over time so that repairs are few and far in between. When you are looking for a contractor to build or repair the foundation for your home, you will want to carefully research the ones available in your area and compare more than just the costs.

Age and Reputation of Business

The age and reputation of a foundation contractors Los Angeles business can help guide you to the best option for reliable work. Not every company that has been in business for decades will provide quality work, however, so it is important to ask for references and to read testimonials or reviews to determine how reputable they are.

Repair Methods

There are many different repair methods for foundations with the most common being the bell-bottom pier, the pressed piling, and the steel piling methods. The most reliable of these is the bell-bottom pier method which uses steel and concrete to anchor the home on stable ground. This has years of research backing up effectiveness but is still only as good as the contractor using it.


You want to make sure that your contractors have worker’s compensation and liability coverage to keep your risks and costs low. It is recommended that you get a copy of their certificate if possible, but you can also find this information in reviews or testimonials on their website as well as third-party rating sites. These insurance types will cover accidents that happen on-site with damages to people, equipment or the building and are a good way to ensure that you will not be stuck covering the costs.

The more research you put into hiring a contractor for your foundation repair or installation, the fewer ongoing costs you will have. It is important to make sure your contractor has been in business long enough to build a solid reputation, uses the best repair methods and carries the right insurance to keep your costs low and your foundation secure.

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