Dental Health Facts You Don’t Know Yet

When the discussion is about dental health, it’s no secret that people have very little interest in it. You probably already know basic stuff like maintaining proper oral hygiene and doing regular dentist visits, but the thing is there actually are a few facts about dental health that could be interesting to you. This post is all about those fun facts.

1 – Chewing gum is actually helpful.

But be reminded that not every chewing is good for you; and as a matter of fact, it only can be good for you and your mouth if it’s sugar-free gum. With sugar-free gum, those food debris trapped in between your teeth right after a meal will be removed. Furthermore, if you chew sugar-free gum, you will be preventing tooth decay by producing more saliva in your mouth.
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2 – Celery can be utilized as a natural toothbrush.
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When it comes to foods that contribute in cleaning your teeth, you probably are already aware that carrots and apples are the most popular choices. But aside from those two, celery is another option for you, and this time, it helps in a way that it acts as a natural toothbrush. Therefore, if you munch on celery, you’re in a way cleaning your teeth in the process. The abrasive properties of celery and several other fruits and vegetables allow the wiping off plaque and food particles that stubbornly stick to the surface of the teeth. Nonetheless, you must remember that regular brushing is irreplaceable by any kind of food, whether it is fruit or vegetables.

3 – A lot of people, maybe including you, hate the idea of flossing.

Interestingly, the survey concluded, based on interviews of its respondents, that majority of people would want to do nasty household chores such as cleaning the house or doing the dishes instead of dental flossing. However, you should realize right about now that flossing teeth is essential because it gets rid of the stubborn food debris hiding in between your teeth and gums.

4 – Dentists, especially those who have decades of experience know that many patients don’t tell the entire truth when it comes to their oral health condition.

But to be fair to patients like you, majority of the things you lie about concerns your daily oral hygiene. Therefore, even if you tell your dentist that you are regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, they will eventually figure out that you’re not telling the truth through basic oral exams.

5 – The gums need extra attention because they’re quite fragile.

You can’t deny the fact that you experienced some kind of bleeding gums before. This is why most dentists will recommend using toothbrushes with soft bristles so that your gums won’t get hurt or punctured and bleed when you’re brushing your teeth.

So those basically are some new dental health facts you can learn from. Keep in mind that in dental health, you also have a responsibility and that not everything is reliant upon the dentist.