Home Improvement Design Tips For The Elderly

Age has a subtle way of changing things in life, and it’s important that your home keeps pace with your physical needs as you grow older.  You may find that bringing in some living assistance may be necessary as time passes, but a capable home can go a long way for a senior who wants to age in place.  

Prep for the next stage in your life, and dig into a few ways you can make your home more adaptable.  If you’re not sure where to begin, start here.  

Start your process with knowledge, and read up on some of the most useful home improvement design tips aimed towards creating a more accommodating space.  

Think about hand dexterity

One of the most common struggles faced by older individuals is hand dexterity.  When you’re young and agile, turning a door knob seems like light work.  However, old hands may find a traditional door knob a painful challenge.  

Taking the time to rethink the door knobs in your home will help make it more age-friendly.  Install lever-style hardware on your doors to make life a lot easier on those aging hands.  

Flooring is super important

Flooring is a vital part of making a safe home for yourself as you age.  Getting older can mean that you’re not quite as light on your feet.  Falling is a much more dangerous prospect too.  

It’s important to make certain the floors in your home are not a slip risk.  It’s important to know what there’s no danger of a loose or misplaced board tripping you up as you walk through your home.  

Take the time to make sure all of the floors in your home are slip-resistant, and get rid of any trip dangers like area rugs or loose boards.  

Lighting helps boost safety

If your home has a stairway, you have to make sure the area is well lit.  Fumbling down the steps in the middle of the night can be a very dangerous situation in the dark.  

Your home needs proper lighting throughout, but some areas are a bit more important than others.  The bathroom, hallways, and stairways should be priority spots for focused lighting.  

A good bath goes a long way

Getting old doesn’t mean you have to succumb to unsightly grab bars in your shower.  There are other, more aesthetically pleasing, ways to upgrade your bathing options as you age than the installation of cold, metal bars.  

Step-in baths are much easier to manage, and there are several different options on aesthetic to add to your design efforts.  Install a single-handed faucet control and a hand-held shower head for a safe and age-friendly bathing experience.