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Here are 5 Important Things When You Choose Ceramic Floor

Because of its location underneath and even often covered by carpet, the floor is a part of the building that is often forgotten. However, the floor has an important role to make the whole house look beautiful.

One of the most popular alternative floors is ceramic. A clean and hygienic appearance, an increasingly affordable price, and increasingly diverse choices are just three factors that make it more popular. In general, you can choose either glossy or non-glazed tile floors. At present, it can be seen that glazed ceramic floors dominate the market. Speaking about the floors, the Tiles Australia is always ready to help you.

The following are 5 important factors that you should pay attention to when choosing floor tiles:

Make Sure Your Choice of Ceramic Floor Does Not Crash Your Residential Style

Before choosing tile floors, consider the style of your home. Make sure that the ceramics you choose match the overall style of your home. For example, it certainly isn’t interesting if the entire floor of your house in a minimalist contemporary style gets Victorian ceramics that are complicated and ‘heavy.’ Likewise, for a variety of other residential styles, make sure that your floor tiles match.

Room Size

You also need to consider the size of the room that will get ceramic. Medium or large size rooms will look more spacious and open with large size ceramics, for example, the size of 60 x 60. Guest rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms generally use this type of ceramics.

Small to medium size ceramics are commonly used in bathrooms, as borders or edges. For bathroom ceramics, plenty of grout space in small ceramics can add more traction to the feet so they don’t slip easily. In addition, small size ceramics are also commonly used as backsplash ceramics in the kitchen.

Ceramic Color

Ceramic colors are also very important to build the impression you want to build in the room. The narrow room will feel more spacious and spacious with a brighter color ceramic floor. Cream or pastel colors, for example, will make a narrow area like the bathroom look big. The dark ceramic color can give a warm impression, especially for large rooms that are open and have enough room light.

For areas that are a place for going back and forth or for activities, try using floor tiles with a combination of colors. Differences in color contrast can help disguise floors that are easily dirty. You, for example, can use a combination of gray and white. Brown and tan colors can also be used, as well as patterned ceramics.

Patterns and Textures of Ceramic Floor

Regarding the pattern and texture of floor tiles, everything is up to your taste. Choice of glazed or unglazed, certain plain or patterned is individual choices. It’s just that, to note, is that glazed ceramics are easier to clean. Meanwhile, the unglazed ceramics require polishing so they don’t get dirty or stained quickly.

Grout or Nat

Grout (special cement filler for ceramics) also plays an important role to give a more pleasant color contrast. To emphasize line play and design, you can choose a contrasting grout from the color of the ceramic floor. Grout in the same color as the color of ceramics will give relief and seamless floor effect.

Thus 5 factors that you need to consider when choosing floor tiles. Simple, isn’t it? However, if you still don’t feel confident choosing it, there are many selected architects or interior designers who can help you get and realize the ideal ceramic floor.