Here are 4 Feng Shui elements that bring hockey to your partner!

To date, the science of the believed Feng Shui can bring good luck is still believed by the vast majority of people. Does that include you? Basically, feng shui can be applied in many aspects, including home or shelter. Well, the breadth and inside of this feng Shui science certainly makes you can not understand it only in a moment. Even if necessary, you can consult a member or Feng shui expert directly.

However, there are some common things about the house Feng shui that you should know. There are certain rules that can be trusted to bring hockey to your rights, one of which is feng Shui elements. At least, there are five Feng Shui elements that you can apply at home. Curious about anything? Let’s read these:

Wood Feng Shui elements

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The first feng shui element that you must put in the house is wood. As the name suggests, this feng shui element is closely related to natural smelling objects made of wood materials.

According to Feng shui, this wood element can bring good health to the occupants of his home. Therefore, you can decorate your house with various decorations made of wood, such as tree branches, wooden sculptures, or ornamental plants. In addition to decorating, you can also use wood furniture to present this feng shui element.

However, there is one more thing to note, which is its position. Preferably, you put the Feng shui element of the wood in the southeastern, eastern, and southern areas of the house. It is believed to accelerate the flow of feng Shui luck that you will be able to.

2. Feng Shui Water elements


Water is a feng shui element that can flow a variety of sustenance for home dwellers, such as welfare and wealth. Well, to present this feng shui element, you can put things related to water, such as a minimalist fountain, fish ponds, water shower decoration, and so on.

This feng shui water element is most appropriate if it is placed in the east, north, west, and northwest. However, do not put these feng shui elements in the bedroom, yes! This is because the room is closed so that it is believed that a fortune that will also be closed.

3. Feng Shui Metal Elements

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Toughness, independence, and full concentration. That’s what you’ll get if you present elements of metal feng shui inside the house. This can be done by putting a variety of furniture or decorations made from metal materials, such as displays, flower vases, to metal photo frames. Meanwhile, the most appropriate position for Feng Shui elements is in the north, west, and northwest areas of the house.

4. Soil Feng Shui Elements


Well, this feng shui element is believed to be able to maintain the stability of your life and finances, you know! No need to bother to bring this feng shui element, putting a variety of stone or crystal decorations in the house alone is enough.

Besides decorating, however, you can also use natural stone walls as a feng shui element of the land. Don’t forget, keep in mind the position, yes! The best direction to put these metal feng shui elements is in the northeast, northwest, west, southwest, and center of the house.