Getting the Shutters You Want

I had just moved to a new home in California and was looking to do some home renovations. Aside from new flooring and paint on the walls, the one thing I wanted to really change was the traditional shutters to window shutters. I always loved the look of plantation shutters and owning my own home was the perfect time for me to do that.

The only issues that I found with getting the shutters of my dreams was that in California, they weren’t popular. Plantation shutters are more common in warmer climates in the south like Florida or South Africa. The main difference between these shutters and the more traditional ones is that the slats (or louvers) are wider and there are two shutters per window instead of the usual one shutter. The look on people’s faces in California when I asked if they installed or had the wooden shutters I was looking for, you’d think I was asking for them to give me a billion dollars. I eventually found someone who could order and install the shutters. He had grown up in Georgia and knew someone in that area that he could get some from and have them custom made for the windows in my home. It got a little more than I was expecting but the end results were amazing and just what I was wanting!

With the shutters in place and the home coming together, it got me thinking about other shutter styles. Mainly traditional and plantation shutters, but also other kinds. The world of shutters have many different kinds of shutters and can be overwhelming. I know I thought about just picking a default style that was cheap and easy to install, however that wasn’t what I wanted. The “easier” style wouldn’t have made me happy and as far as design goes, isn’t what makes you happy what you should go after?