Feng Shui Wood Element Decorations: All You Need to Know

You can find the variety of wood on ReviewsBird.com. Different cultures and tribes have special philosophies about wood and its application. The Feng Shui has five elements and wood is one of them. Combustion (fire), roots (reduction in water and controller of the earth), and sawing wood (as in its destruction by metal) are all elements of the wood.

Each of the elements is applied specially during the process of wood decorations. They are applied for an optimal balance that enhances the chi in a workplace or home. The feng shui wood elements are a symbol for many things. It sometimes has a thing to do with romance and seduction. At other times, it is an expression of vitality, creativity, and related features.

The quality of its decoration is in the capacity of the decorator to express human feelings. The wood is also a symbol of a child’s inner quality. It features a child’s creative prowess and flexible abilities. According to the Chinese understanding, someone with a strong wood element is athletic, powerful, and would lead a happy life. With brilliant ideas, such a person would be flexible yet strong and wouldn’t have problems navigating his/her way through life.

The Attributes of Feng Shui Wood Element

Wood has the primary yang which is associated with masculinity and vigor. It also has the element of yin, which is feminine and receptive. This is connected with the symbol of Spring. It equates to a new beginning that is networked by flexibility and strength.

The Destructive Cycle of the Feng Shui Wood Element

This is the stage in which the wood is weakened by the earth, and the earth is weakened by metal. This means that when less wood is required in a design, metal is used. When less metal is required in a design, more wood is applied.

How to Decorate Using Feng Shui Wood Element

As a means of welcoming vibrant and healthy energy into your home, decorating with fengshui wood is fun and powerful. It is believed to bring strong energy into any space. As a feature of vitality, expansion, growth, and unlimited vision: what you attribute to the wood is what you feel. It is like having a favorite plant and giving a concise description of such a plant. You could almost go poetic to express the profound connection you have with the object.

You must have a reasonable reason before decorating your home or office with feng shui wood. The reason could be when you have a blurry mental or spiritual vision, or when you are confused or in need of a breakthrough. Incorporating it in the decoration of your space will strengthen your energy and health.

You should nourish the feng shui wood in Bagua areas of the East, Southeast, and South of your office or home. The location of the wood is an important aspect that commands the abundance of wealth, happiness, or the health that you need.

You need to incorporate specific decoration items in the shape and color for its decoration. Some of the most popular colors are brown and green, while the most popular shapes for decoration are often rectangular.