Ponds are no longer just a pretty feature for daytime enjoyment. The plethora of readily available lighting options for water features makes it easy for anyone to create a dramatic display in their own yard. There are so many different ways to use the fun and affordable technology available that every home or business owner will discover something that appeals to them. Here are three quick ideas to help everyone get started with their own lighted water display.

Trace the Edges

Install underwater lighting along the edges of the pond and place them on a timer. This will create a lovely automatic glow every evening that will brighten the yard and make it easy to see and enjoy the pond. Very little effort will be needed to keep the lights working and looking great. The best part of this type of display is that the lights will highlight the fish and frogs living in the pond and make it possible to enjoy them more too.

Add Some Drama

There are other options that are perfect for people that do not want something simple. A pond fountain with lights makes it easy to put on a dramatic display after dark. The lighted fountains and aerators are available in different color lenses for a unique, ever-changing spray of color. The fountains can add a small spray of colored water or shoot dramatic jets of water many feet into the air.

Skim the Surface

Not all pond lights are installed underwater. There are plenty of floating LED lights as well. There are a large variety of designs from artificial water lilies, to globes and faux candles and much more. The floating lights are available in many colors, sizes and shapes and are as decorative during the day as they are at night when they begin to glow.

Why have a landscape feature that is only visible for part of the day? With pond lighting, it is easy to enjoy the view all day and night. LED lights are long-lasting, require very little maintenance and are an affordable option. There is something available for any type of display and any size pond.