Wall art is a new trend in infrastructures. Typically, tiles or glass panels over tiles are used for washrooms, showers, kitchens, etc. But as the world is progressing, the Willoughby glass – bathroom wall splashback is bringing new and elegant glass panels for your washrooms.

What can you get from Willoughby?

For a contemporary touch to your bathroom, visit Willoughby for quality glass splashbacks ideal for almost everything. In the beginning, these were restrained to kitchen shelves, but innovation has brought them to your bathrooms as well. These splashbacks are made of the highest quality glass, and the thickness is varied on customer demand. Splashbacks can transform your bathrooms adding a graceful and modern touch to the design. The high-quality services include mirrored splashbacks; they can help to make your bathroom appear larger. Graphic backs; if you are tired of the typical splashbacks, Willoughby provides you the opportunity of installing graphics splashbacks in your bathroom walls, and sliding doors. These help you in providing a beautiful essence to your bathroom. Along with graphics, painted glass splashbacks are another option for your bathroom walls. Choosing Willoughby is a wise choice because of their friendly staff, quality production, efficiency in work, value, and worth, and affordable prices. They can also come to you if you can’t reach them which adds to their effectiveness.

Why choose glass splashbacks?

There are many benefits of using glass splashbacks instead of the typical in-use tiles or cemented walls. Some of them are: easy fitting, glass splashbacks are easy to fit in and easier if you get them framed. They don’t need any expertise in getting the job done. They are a lot easier to clean when compared to tiles. Cleanliness is the pivot of grace and glass splashbacks are prime choices for it. They are easier to fix if broken. Tiles, marble, or cement, once disrupted need a lot of attention and time to be fixed. But with glass splashbacks, you can easily maintain the checks. Also, they have longer senescence. Glass splashbacks live longer than usual tiles. This was not the case before. But thanks to modernized innovation, glass-splashbacks are self-supportive, stronger and more stable than ever. This is one of the key reasons that they are used so often nowadays in residential, business, or commercial structures.

What color should be a splashback of?

Color scheming is elemental when designing anything. Alike is for bathrooms. If you have a brown bathroom and you add a yellow glass splashback, you are creating chaos. Proper color selection can add visual grace to your bathroom. Colors are so important that they can either make or break something. If you have chosen the right color setting your bathroom can look spacious and elegant. Usually, grey or colorless glass is used for splashbacks. But the trend of graphic or painted splashbacks has revolutionized everything. Go for the RAL color system for the best color combinations. Try out different samples and go for the one that looks ideal. Red, black, grey, violet, and turquoise colors should be your choice.