Maryland Solar Installation One of the cleanest and cheap energy is the solar energy. Bills will become a thing of the past once you install solar panels. You can light your home with the solar energy. Cooking and heating of water are also possible with solar power. Clean energy is being advocated for by the Maryland Energy Administration; homeowners are being issued with grants that go to the solar and geothermal energy systems installations. The grants are offered to eligible homeowners who have already installed solar or geothermal energy systems. Before a year elapses, after installation you as a homeowner you are required to apply for a grant. To learn more about the clean energy grants you need to read the Maryland Energy Administration manuals and booklets.
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By the fact of being the original homeowner you qualify to be given a clean energy grant by the Maryland Energy Administration. And your solar installation project must meet the required installation size, where the solar photovoltaic must be within the range of one to twenty kilowatts. An area of ten to a hundred square feet is required for your solar water heating system size. And your property must not have any conflict of interest or ownership.
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Multiple projects one land are taken to be one project by the MEA. In a fiscal year it would be hard for one project to get more than one grant. The application process requires that you provide information about who you are as the applicant, give details about the installation property, system and contractor and the permits. You require submitting photographs showing all the components of the installed clean energy system through an electronic mean. The Maryland Energy Administration requires you to send photographs that clearly shows the place you have installed the solar energy system. Everything must be visible in the photo about the whole solar power system. Clearing paying the invoices is also a prerequisite for you as the homeowner to get the clean energy grants. The clean energy grants would only be given when you fulfill all the terms and conditions of the MEA. The copies of all issued inspection and permit documents provided by the authorities with the last inspection sticker would be required to be submitted to the MEA too. You would be required as the homeowner to produce proof that shows that you are the primary owner of your residence. Some of the documents that you could use to proof you are the owner of the specific residence includes the driver’s license, MVA change of address among other documents. When you submit everything as required by the Maryland Energy Administration you are required to be patient until everything is reviewed to get a response.