What Are the Common Insects That Damage Wooden Furniture?

Regardless of your location, pest infestation can sure reach you. There are many entryways for pests and you wouldn’t want to share your home with them.

Below are the common insects that enters your house and damage your wooden furniture. This will also include some prevention that you can try.

1. Termites are the most common destroyer of wood. These are very common in all parts of the world. Studies show that they can create damages up to millions of dollars.

The sad part here is that most insurances don’t cover termite damage. And, this would mean that the homeowner or building owner have to spend a lot of money for repairs.

But you don’t have to be afraid because termites can be eliminated and costly repairs can be avoided. The very first thing you should do upon noticing termites at home is to contact a reliable exterminator.

If you want to keep termite problem from occurring, then you have to consider having a barrier that can separate the wood foundation from the dirt.

If there are holes, cracks and spaces around your windows and doors, then you have to seal them immediately before termites get in.

2. Another common insect that can damage your wooden furniture is powderpost beetle. These are usually found in the south part of the United States. Powderpost beetles damage hardwood. Although you may be relieved from your foundation, you will be burdened with your interiors and furnishings since they are from hardwood material. Some of these will include your floors, kitchen cabinets, molding, vintage furniture and doors and frames.

When you notice fine sawdust around the furnishings and tiny holes in the wood, then powderpost beetles are sure present.

However, a pest control specialist can sure help you aid the problem. You can treat the furnishings made from hardwood by using residual borate insecticides. Make sure to hire a pest control company to ensure that no beetle eggs are hatching.

3. Finally, carpenter ants are something you should know. Even if they don’t eat wood, their strong jaws can create a hollow in solid woods such as pine and fir. Then, they make their nests in there.

What other carpenter ants do is create nests inside doors and behind insulation.

If you love to collect furniture from fir lumber or pine, then you have to keep an eye with these carpenter ants.

You can apply different ways to make sure that they won’t enter your house. First, make sure to cut the branches that reach your house like your roof, windows and other openings. Seal also the cracks or openings near the piping. Get a pest control company to help ensure that no insects are slowly damaging your property.