PREPARE IN ADVANCE FOR HURRICANE SEASON. It is that time of the year again when the hurricane season makes its presence felt to inhabitants. There are certain locations in the world where hurricane occurrences are a normal thing – yet still very dangerous, compared to other parts of the state. With all the changes happening on a global scale – industries on the rise, pollution growing each day, abrupt weather disturbances experienced all over the world – all of these only contributes to hurricanes getting stronger and more devastating each time. Thus, it is best to be ready. It is common knowledge that hurricanes are often combined with strong winds and rains, thus the coming up of this tempest season makes it all the more vital to know the different ways and means of planning and preparing ahead of time.
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First off, ensure your car is loaded with gas and in great working condition. Secondly, make sure that you have enough cash on hand. Thirdly, get everything from your yard or porch and try to keep them inside. This includes the likes of pieces and things from your porch or front yard, pets, junk and other types of gears, plants and even toys.
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Fourthly, make sure that you have enough water for everyone in the family for no less than a couple of days, a gallon each daily if possible. If possible, you can go out after the hurricane had struck and purchase enough water for everyone, or opt to fill any available tubs and containers with clean drinking water. It is also wise to stock up on enough food for such emergencies. Fifth, if there is the possibility of a typhoon occurring, it is prescribed that you secure any open air furniture as these may possibly bring about wounds and other dangers to the people inside the house. Finally, remain inside the home and try to stay away from any mishaps and happenings outside. Try to be to abreast with what is happening outside without necessarily venturing out in the open, just use your television or radio if possible. Take other measures to ensure that your home is safe, before during and after the tempest – have an indoor air quality testing done in advance and after. It would also be advisable to report any floors or destruction done to your property for quick repair and maintenance as time would permit. Gather the family before and during the tempest as well as after the incident and inform them of the dangers outside that come with it such as power blackouts, wounds that can be sustained from it when they venture outside, not enough water supply, lack of food, uprooted trees and other major dangers so they can be ready.