4 low budget ways to make your home cosy

As the nights get darker and longer, and the nip in the air turns into a biting wind, we all want our homes to be as cosy and welcoming as possible, so we can get nice and snug, once we close the front door behind us.

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The problem is, that shortly after winter sets in, we have to pay for Christmas. All that cosiness has to be achieved without spending too much. So here are four ways to get that snuggly feeling, without breaking the bank.

1. Candles lighten your mood

Candles can make winter feel special, rather than bleak. A group of plain white candles looks sophisticated and calming. If you don’t have a real fire, candle flames are the next best thing.

2. Faux fur feels like a hug

A big faux fur throw looks and feels luxurious, but isn’t expensive. Whether you’re lounging on it, or snuggling underneath it, you’ll feel enveloped in warmth. It must take us back to our cave-dwelling days when animal pelts kept us alive in winter. No need to find a mammoth though – the stores have cheap, but great looking fakes.

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3. Go for relaxed seating

Try to get the seating more relaxed, in tune with the candlelit atmosphere. Large floor cushions have morphed into seats in their own right, and these look great in rich russet and ochre tones. They’re cheaper than formal armchairs, look cosier, and are great for relaxed eating, or pulling up in front of the fire.
If you don’t have a fire, make sure your heating is ready to complement the decor. If you’re in Gloucester boiler service http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/ is easy to arrange, so do it before the cold weather bites, to ensure an even ambient warmth complements your decor.
4. Books do furnish a room

There’s a reason that when pub designers want to convey a cosy, relaxed ambience, they include shelves of books in their design. Books imply long evenings spent reading in front of a roaring log fire – even if you don’t have one! In fact, House Beautiful magazine has some extraordinary decorating ideas for books that you could adapt – https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/a2924/creative-ways-decorate-with-books/.
We’ll be coming back to this theme as the nights get colder – so look out for some more ideas on making your home a snug and cosy winter retreat.

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