4 Distinctive Elements of Moroccan Houses

Basically, each house has its own model and design, ranging from simple, modern, classical, to those influenced by various factors, such as the Moroccan house. The Moroccan house itself is a style of home influenced by the culture and religion of Islam. Therefore, it is not surprising that Moroccan houses have distinctive features and uniqueness of their own design.

Now, if you are interested in adopting a Moroccan home style, there are at least seven important elements that must be in it. Want to know what? Let’s go straight to see Kania’s review below!

1. Contrast and soft color application

ruangan rumah maroko warna pink

Unlike homes in general that tend to use neutral colors, Moroccan houses are precisely dominated by striking contrasting colors, but still warm and gentle. For example terracotta, red, or orange colors. The colours can be delivered through the wall paint of the room, floor, decorations, and furniture inside the Moroccan house.

The distinctive color of this Moroccan House will effectively make the nuance of the building more vivid and lively. However, the contrasting and gentle colors of the Moroccan houses should be appropriately applied, so as not to impress the tightness and mess!

2. Patterned floor

ruangan maroko serba putih

In addition to colors, other elements that must be in the Moroccan House are the use of the floor that has a pattern. For its own pattern, it focuses more on geometric and eccentric motifs. Usually, the patterned floor of this Moroccan house is made of ceramic or wood tile material.

3. Using Zallij

ruangan maroko dengan detail zallij

Zallij is a mosaic design that is used in the exterior and interior of Moroccan houses. Zallij itself is very thick with Islamic culture. The colors used on Zallij in Moroccan homes are usually distinctive bright colors, such as blue, red, green, orange, or golden yellow.

Well, for his own motive is very diverse, ranging from flowers to geometric, as in the floor motif. In addition, usually ceramic mosaic is also applied on the surface of the table and the window of Moroccan house.

4. Exotic Lighting

ruangan maroko dengan lampu dramatis

The Moroccan house is synonymous with dim lighting and light which makes it look very exotic and full of warmth. Usually, exotic lighting in the Moroccan house is obtained through the use of candles or lanterns.

In addition, you can also use a variety of chandeliers with the same lighting nuance in the Moroccan house. Choose a chandelier covered by a glass mosaic with elements of colors already discussed earlier.