3 Ways To Give Your Home’s Exterior A Facelift

Since the outside of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to your house, it’s worth it to spend some time and money ensuring that the impression that they get is the one that you want to be giving. Often, the exterior of homes get neglected in favor of making the interior of a home one that’s warm and welcoming. And while you may not be seeing the outside of your home as often as the inside of your home, not only will perfecting your property help to increase the value of your home, but it will also help you to feel more pride in your home.

To help you with this task, here are three ways that you can give your home’s exterior a facelift. 

At Some Pizzazz To Your Paths

For visitors and guests to feel welcomed into your home, you might want to first focus some of your energy on the pathways that lead straight to your front door.

Whether you already have a well defined path in place or you’re working with something a little more rustic, you don’t need much to create a path that will look beautiful and be well loved. According to Jennifer Noonan, a contributor to BobVila.com, all you need are a few simple supplies that you can get from any hardware store in order to create a perfect pathway. And in just a few hours, you’ll see a big difference. 

Incorporate Your Garage Doors

One of the main features of most homes is the garage. Although it doesn’t have the same square footage as the main house, many homes have garages that take up a lot of the real estate for the front of the house.

If your home is set up in this way, the editors of Better Homes and Gardens recommend that you create some additional harmony between the style and structure of your home and your garage. In some instances, this will be best achieved by installing custom garage doors that better match your home. In other cases, just a new coat of paint will do the trick. 

Put On A Porch

For homes that don’t already have a porch, adding this to the facade of your house will definitely take the look and feel of your property up a level. 

As you configure the porch addition, Michael Holmes, a contributor to RealHomes.com, recommends that you really think about how a porch can benefit your home and your lives. For example, if your home enters right into your living space, you can use a porch as a buffer. Just make sure that when you design your porch, you take into consideration the current design and structure of your home so that it fits seamlessly together. 

If you want to make the exterior of your home look fresh and new, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you achieve this. 

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