3 Tips For Keeping Your Kitchen Pest-Free

If there’s one room in your home that you don’t want to have to worry about pests, it’s the kitchen. Both for your own peace of mind and for your health, it’s best to ensure that your kitchen, where you store, prepare, and eat your food, is free of bugs and any other pests. But because pests are often hungry, just like you, they’re drawn to the kitchen area above all else.

To combat this, here are three tips for keeping your kitchen pest-free.

Keep All Food Sealed

Most kitchen pests like to eat your food just as much as you do. But if they gain access to it, you’re not going to want to eat it anymore.

To keep the pests out and avoid having to waste food that’s been compromised, Lisa Jo Lupo, a contributor to The Spruce, advises that you keep all of your food sealed in air-tight containers. If the food already comes in an air-tight container, feel free to continue to store it in what you brought it home from the store in. But if the food isn’t in an air-tight container, or is in a bag that you’ll then have to open, it’s best to transfer that food into a different container for storage purposes. This will keep the smell of food to a minimum and keep pests from getting into the food you’re storing. 

Properly Dispose Of Food And Remnants

It’s not only the food that you’re storing for future meals that you need to be concerned about attracting pests to your kitchen. The food that you’ve already eaten or discarded can also be a huge lure for pests.

Knowing this, PestWorld.org recommends that you make sure you properly dispose of any food or remnants that you’re not eating anymore. To do this, try to put all food scraps in an outside garbage can so that you get it out of your house as soon as possible. Additionally, make sure you’re running your garbage disposal regularly and that you don’t leave dirty dishes piled up in your sink. 

Clean Surfaces Regularly

Larger pieces of food aren’t the only kinds that can bring pests into your kitchen. Even the smallest crumbs can be a good source of food for little bugs.

According to Elisa Roland, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, the best way to reduce crumbs or any spilled food is to clean all of the surfaces of your kitchen regularly. This includes inside of your cupboards and any cabinets where you store food or where crumbs could fall. 

If you want to ensure that your kitchen is always free of pests, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to keep pests from wanting to spend time in this room of your home. 

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