Pros of Cedarwood Essential Oils

Natural remedies have been used since time in memorial. Many people are more comfortable with the natural health remedies as compared to the manufactured ones. This is because many of a number of reasons. For instance, these natural remedies have no side effects and they happen to be quite efficient. Aside from that, natural remedies are relatively less expensive in comparison to modern medical approaches. Essential oils happen to be a popular natural technique of dealing with a number of health related issues.

There are different kinds of essential oils, each unique in their own way. One of the most popular essential oils is cedarwood oil. This is due to its many uses. The oil is obtained from the cedar tree, one which has a number of symbolic meanings to people, for example some believe it is a sign of wisdom, abundance and even health. This essential oil is extracted using a special steam process and there are many precious components within it making it so popular. Below are just a few of the ways to use cedarwood essential oils.

Facilitates Tightening of Muscles
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This oil helps to reinstate the proper firmness in the muscles of an individual. Cedarwood essential oil is an astringent. It has the ability to harden muscles in the digestive system and this helps in reducing cases of diarrhea. This essential oil helps to reduce muscle soreness when one rubs two to five drops on the affected area. It gives you a soothing and fresh feeling.
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Works as an Antiseptic

The essential oil has the capacity of lowering stress and infections by dealing with the level of toxins in the system. It helps protect your body by aiding the white blood cells in protection from disease causing bacteria that may infect your organs. Applying the oil on a scar or a wound can help deal with bacteria.

Helps in Increasing Follicles.

Blood circulation in the scalp can be increased with the use of cedar essential oils and this helps in stimulating hair growth. Research shows that the application of cedar oil together with lavender and rosemary oil increase the rate of hair growth by nearly 44%. This is the reason why most aroma therapists and herbalists recommend this oil to treat conditions like thinning hair and hair loss. People can easily massage their scalps with this oil because it is usually added to conditioners and shampoos. This acts as a great way of treating hair.

Alleviates Coughs and Colds

This kind of essential oil eliminates the phlegm that can be found in the respiratory tract which causes chest congestion. Making a point of applying some cedarwood oil before sleeping helps to relieve colds and flu’s caused by phlegm in the lungs.

It’s a Diuretic

When one rubs two or three drops of cedarwood essential oil on their bladder area, it can help in reducing cases of urinary tract infections. Cedarwood essential oil works wonders to see if i is what you need make sure to read more about it.